Knot Anatomy

My collection is about identification of KNOTS. It is a record of how I learn tying knots in a ceramic way. I have taken knotted details as my accessories design inspiration for 5 years but every time I explored different materials and techniques to create knotted accessories. This is my first try to learn to do porcelain knotted pattern. It is mainly divided into 3 main series – rope fossil, daily knots & amplify imperfect knots. It is a one-of- a-kind collection. Every piece is unique and experimental. Rope fossil series was traced by the twisted mark of rope and string. Daily knots series is a record of how to tie essential knots or decorative knots with a ceramic square block. Imperfect knot series is to collect the cracked knotted ceramic in the making process and filled a bundle of threads into the cracks which mimics the burst of thread in the rope. In the collection, they are mainly brooch, earrings and necklace which are made of porcelain, 18K gold, brass and polyester threads.