The collaboration begins with the fundamental, the rope and the knot, which have been the key elements of the ZO-EE brand. Their conventional perception, soft and malleable, is however challenged with illusive forms- a rope unroped and the knot unknotted, a Dali's clock comes into life.
The deconstructed rope is an illustration of how a rope is made while the frozen knot defies the physical properties of the material. Both of them provoke the contemplation of the most mundane objects and present an aesthetic not by adding but by revealing.
While ZO-EE is known for its art of knot skillfully crafted by hands, ITUM sets out to explore the technology of 3D Printing. The collaboration is therefore a marriage of the two seemingly polar skills.
With various types of 3D printing techniques and materials rarely found in accessories, pendants and bracelets of shapes so complex that are almost impossible to produced with conventional manufacturing methods are produced with high precision. Ropes are handpicked to matches with that of the unique textures of the 3D printed parts, weaved into the signature knots to complete the collection.