Wishful Fruit

Elements Mall

“Wishful Fruit” Knotted Art Installation
In collaboration with local artist Zoe Siu, ELEMENTS’ giant “Wishful Fruit” knotted art installation features five types of knot. By combining all five “Wishful Knots” in the same sphere, the artwork represents heartfelt blessings from ELEMENTS, hoping that everyone has their “Wishes Come True” in the year ahead.
Each knot in the artwork has a different symbolism and meaning: The “Door Knocker Knot” is a traditional door knot that represents protection for a family, ensuring that harmony won’t slip out through the door. The “Celtic Heart Knot” is inspired by the ancient Irish Celtic Knot, which is a wish for eternal love. The “Knuckle Knot” represents success in all aspects, such as career or studying. The “Double Coin Knot” is also known as the “Double Money Knot”, a traditional symbol of wealth and wise financial management. The “Eternity Knot” is an ancient blessing for strong physical and mental health.