Ode to Nature

London Craft Week

Having worked as a denim designer for over 5 years, Zoe realised how badly the factory workers were treated, the extremely poor working conditions they were forced to work . She then decided to quit and launched her own accessories labels to make every piece by hand, breaking away from computerised mass production.
She would like to say "Thank you" to nature through this series of ropework, that she created in a zero-waste way. She asked 10 people working in the fashion industry to offer her leftover materials. She made use of the abandoned ropes, fabric, wood. She used various abandoned materials to create the plant inspired shapes through tying different knots. Knotting is an important factor in human's adventure into nature like sailing and hiking. It builds a closer relationship between human and nature. The artwork appear as bizarre structures which symbolises the deformation of nature due to mass textile manufacturing. This installation is showcased in London Craft Week 2017.